Things I Have Already Almost Used Up

I was shocked to notice the other day that I've pretty much inhaled my Clinique Bare Brilliance in Chocolate Ice as well as Pop Beauty's Mini Ribbon Gloss in Peony Pink.

I am not one to use up any of my makeup. It usually goes into the trash if it's incredibly old or if it's just taking up space. I've never even finished an eye pencil.

After San mentioned to me that her Buttershine was going fast, I realized that my own Bare Brilliance was worn almost to a nub. The Bare Brilliance formula is much more sheer than the Buttershine, so the chances of it disappearing on me were pretty high, in addition to the fact that I don't actually have many lipsticks and that my lips are perennially dry and chapped.

But I think the real reason there is so little of both products left is that - they work, and I used them consistently! I'm not kidding when I say that due to the Pop gloss, my lips are actually in better condition than they were a few weeks ago. Very few lips balms/glosses/lipsticks actually relieve my dryness, but this one works so well, I used it a couple of times a day even though once is usually enough.

And the Bare Brilliance is still one of the most perfect lipsticks ever. Perhaps it could be a bit more pigmented. However, I have the Buttershine in Rum Kiss, and use it much less frequently precisely because it has more color payoff and I don't necessarily need it all day. Plus, I have pretty small (if well-shaped, hehe) lips so I try not to overdo the color there.

I'm sort of glad that I intend to repurchase these items although I didn't realize I would get through them so quickly. Highly recommend - again!


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