Maybe It's Me, Maybe It's Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick

Maybelline's Moisture Extreme in Plum Sable is probably the first makeup product that I was truly in love with and went to great lengths to find when it was discontinued. Actually, I was in love with it when it was Moisture Whip in Pure Plum, discovered randomly while in India.

When I returned, I could not find this color here ANYWHERE and frantically asked my cousin there to find me another and send it since I was running low. She sent me 2 other Maybelline lipsticks instead and sadly informed me that Pure Plum was a discontinued shade from a discontinued line.

After a little research, I realized that Moisture Whip had become Moisture Extreme and resolved to find the new, matching shade. This was pretty difficult to do at first, but after much persistence and some blind luck, I located Plum Sable - what a relief.

This is that multi-purpose, moisturizing lipstick that can carry you through the day, from morning to evening. It's a lovely, deep, peach/pink with some cool, plum undertones that don't result in a deep berry shade. Instead, it's "my lips but better" - a natural, warm pink.

Plum Sable is part of the "Browns" color family in this line, which looks best on Medium/Dark skintones. Don't be afraid though - it is not your typical, dramatic burgundy/wine/plum shade that they usually create for people with darker skin. Similar to Clinique's Buttershine in Rum Kiss but less berry-toned, this is an amazingly natural combination of peach/brink/mauve/nude pink that every girl, no matter what her skin color, should have in her makeup bag.

Since it's also a moisturizing formula, it stays put and is just matte enough for a natural look but also has a slight pearl/cream finish that works with more dramatic looks, too. It can be a bit drying, but a little balm or gloss perks it up, especially for evening. This is The Perfect Lip Color For Me - pretty, natural, and thank goodness, inexpensive. I plan on always having this on hand. $6.59 @ Drugstore.com


Helen said...

Hi! You've been quoted for Best Lipstick - Top 10!

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