Agent #187

Everytime I read an MUA review (individual product review here), I inevitably encounter the famous M.A.C Brush #187. I'm intrigued. Once I find the perfect powder and brush, I'm convinced that this will The Brush To Have. I know I just wrote about the Eco Tools brush set, but this is in a totally different league. It wasn't until I saw the picture that I realized what power this brush must possess. It definitely is more than a little beautiful and impressive looking - seems like it would be up for any task. Made out of goat hairs - how luxurious. Perhaps what they say about the tools is right - I'll have to figure out how to experiment with this one.

I would add this to my wish list, but it's too soon. When I have the right products, perhaps. $42.00 @ M.A.C Cosmetics


Sania said...

Apparently there's a Target knock-off; if you find it, I want one too!

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