Fragrant Finds

Since my last post on Javari (oh, about 2 minutes ago), it has occurred to me that a) we need more Round Ups to enlighten the people who may read this 2) we haven't covered fragrances in our many product reviews. Due to a birthday gift certificate to Sephora a few months ago, a Victoria's Secret holiday sale, and my inexpensive boyfriend, Duane Reade, I've over the last year acquired some nice perfumes/body sprays/eau de toilettes that deserve a place here. They are, of course, a mix of the high and low, so should be able to please all wallets and tastes.

As I've mentioned, I've never been into smelling nice and spraying myself with nice-smelling stuff, but I'm quite happy and satisfied with these gems. I used to wear the Old is Gold perfumes back in the day but haven't replaced them replaced yet, and the New are well, new. Here goes:

Old is Gold
1. Elizabeth Arden - Sunflowers (Eau de Toilette)
2. Giorgio Armani - Acqua Di Gio (Eau de Toilette)

1. Stella McCartney - Stella (Eau di Parfum)
2. Michael Kors - Michael Kors (Eau di Parfum)
3. Philosophy - Amazing Grace (Eau de Toilette)
4. Calgon - Tahitian Orchard Body Mist, $6.99 @ Drugstores
5. Victoria's Secret - Lilac Melon Delight Body Mist (limited edition)
6. Pure Spring - Jasmine Tuberose Body Mist, exclusively @ Rite
Aid Drugstore/Pharmacy
7. Dove go fresh - Energizing Grapefruit & Lemongrass Body Mist , $4.24 @ Drugstores
8. The Body Shop - Javeri Eau de Toilette (Men's cologne)


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