Quarter Life Challenge - Blush 2

Jane Blushing Cheeks in Blushing Plum

So I've been a bit busy with the NY heat and life in general, but I haven't forgotten the blusher challenge! Blush number two takes down the aisles of the drugstore to a brand that doesn't always get the credit it deserves -- Jane.

Jane used to be owned by Estee Lauder, but was sold in 2004. Since then, the number of drugstores you see it at has definitely gone down, but they have a solid, dependable base of products.

When it came to blush, I never thought a drugstore brand could stand the test; after all, the quality of a blush is heavily dependent upon the pigments in it, and pigment is expensive! But the positive reviews at MakeupAlley convinced me to give it a shot. And besides, at less than four bucks a pop, it actually costs less than a latte. What did I have to lose? (Not to mention it was BOGOF - I love drugstore sales~! But that's a story for another time.)

Jane Blushing Cheeks is a standard powder formula brush that comes in a small screwtop container about the size of a half-dollar. It's pretty soft, and dipping a brush into the pot will yield a fair amount of product for application. It applies smoothly, and doesn't deposit a ton of color at first pass. (This is not a bad thing. Some blushes are so vibrant that you have to be super careful to avoid looking clownish.) This one has sheer, buildable color that's tough to over-apply.

The color 'Blushing Plum' is very pink in the pan, with a faint, barely perceptible shimmer. But on skin, it gives a you a very healthy-looking dollface. It's not too bold; just a simple everyday kind of look, good for work or running errands.

My only problem with Jane blushes is that their lasting power on my somewhat oily, combination skin, is lacking. I definitely can't get through a whole day without reapplication. Around the 3p.m. slump, I usually notice that it has faded into nothingness.

But for the price, I can forgive that. And the container is small enough to toss into your makeup bag for touchups in the afternoon. Another thing to note - the range of colors isn't extensive -- 6 in total -- and darker women may have trouble finding one that shows up.

While it's not a 'going out' kind of blush, I can definitely see it having a spot in my everyday routine.

$3.79 @ Walgreen's


Truckspotter said...

Nice! I'm excited because I have Blushing Glow which I plan on trying ASAP. I may layer it over the Sally Hansen creme blush I got. I won't take the blush spotlight here though :)

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