Sephora Shenanigans

So Suman and I had a fabulous dinner on Friday night, and afterwards we went to Sephora to browse around and be ridiculous.  There was much laughter and poking/prodding of cosmetics.  

A few findings from our trip:

- Hourglass Cosmetics - This line has the most amazing packaging. As I've said before, I'm Pavlov's dog when it comes to beautiful, sleek, shiny packages - instant drool. And Hourglass cosmetics take the cake. I'm currently lusting after the Calligraphy liquid liner in Indigo.

- NARS Blush in Taos - I already own this, but funny story. Suman and I were naturally playing around with testers in the store, and at one point found ourselves at the NARS bar. I was pathetically attempting to apply a powder blush to Suman's cheeks with one of those ridiculous cotton rounds that they have, when a lightbulb went off in my head. I rummage around in my makeup bag and pull out my own travel-sized blush brush to use with the testers. Why have I never thought to do this before?

In any case, NARS Taos is a fabulous deep brick red color with some golden shimmer, and it's perfect for brown girls. If you see Suman, encourage her to pick one up, because it looks awesome on her!


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