Another Great Drugstore Liner - Prestige

Clearly I have become Drugstore Queen of late. I returned to Duane Reade to pick up another Wet 'n' Wild in Black and Dark Brown, but instead found these 2 cute little felt-tip liquid liners - Prestige's Hi-Definition Fluid Eyeliner Stylist. I think this might be a new product because it is not listed on the company website.

When I asked the cashier how much they were and opted for the Wet 'n' Wild again, she told me that the Prestige ones were really great and that I should give them a try. I appreciated her input and decided to go with Black and Black/Brown. A couple of years ago, the Prestige One Stroke Liquid Eyeliner in Black was the only eyeliner I used. These are a great alternative to the pot-like packaging of that liner. I've previously tried their pencils as well but wasn't too impressed.

The liner is a screw-cap pen with a felt tip. Great quality, and extremely easy use, with a nice selection of colors - Deep Navy, Black/Brown, True Teal, and Black. It's much like a fine marker and creates a thin, defined line. Because of the felt-tip and and pocket size, it's also easy to smudge into the lash line as well as store. I'm trying to keep my makeup bag light, so this is the perfect, tiny and lightweight addition. $5.99 @ Walgreen's & other drugstores


Sania said...

I love self contained liners like these, I have a few Palladio ones that I like, but the problem is they stop working too soon. :(

Truckspotter said...

Yeah, I have a feeling that happens with felt-tip ones. I'll see how long these last...they should be fine for my purposes. Stop subliminally encouraging me to try the Hourglass one! :P

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