Quarter Life Challenge - Blush 6

Cargo powder blush in Tonga

Excuse the cluster of Quarter Life Challenge posts, I'm trying hard to catch up from my deficit. Almost there, though - only two more before I'm up to date!

Blush is one of the core offerings of Cargo Cosmetics, a Canada-based beauty company known for their unique packaging. It's also regarded as one of their best.

I'm personally a big fan of Cargo, having liked nearly every product that I've tried from them. I have been using their lipglosses and lipstick for years. Something about their minimalist aesthetic really appeals to me.

I got this blush in the Cargo Holiday 2007 set, and I have to admit it languished in my makeup drawer for a while, prior to my discovery of the wonders of blush. Cargo Tonga is a dusty rose sort of color, most uninterestimg in the pan. But when brushed onto cheeks, it's a wonderfully soft feminine hue - just barely there.

The formula is wonderfully soft and smooth and the color payoff excellent. My gripe comes in with the packaging. While it's deliciously industrial in the round coaster-shaped tin, it's also unfortunately a bit too large and unwieldy to carry around in your bag. The metal also has the tendency to get dinged, and start to oxidize after time. I'm not sure if they've resolved these issues, as my blush is too new to tell, and I've only bought one tin from them for that very reason. And there's no mirror - kind of a pain.

Bottom line, Cargo - I adore your products, and I adore your packaging.. but only for my dressing table.

$24 @ Sephora


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