Clinique Colour Surge Bare Brilliance Lipstick in Chocolate Ice

I love lipstick. So does Sania. Especially since I've never had luck with eye makeup and its one of the many things my naturalist mother disapproves of. Also because it genuinely looks good on me, and everyone else. I swear most people can get away with just lipstick in the right shade and formula. All my life, my mother has only applied 2 things to her face - powder and lipstick, and for the longest time, I did too. After rediscovering Clinique, I may go back to doing the same.

Even though Mindy Kaling terrified me with her claim that lipstick ages, I strongly believe that finding the right formula is key. Back in the day, matte/cream options could be a bit aging (although also very elegant, and all you really need to freshen it up is a dab of Vaseline), but nowadays, there are a ridiculous number of lipstick options to choose from. I had been looking for something very light and sheer for work. I work at a med school where makeup is rather minimal on most faces, so I wanted a color that was just a tad darker than my own.

I had seen Clinique's Buttershine and Bare Brilliance formulas before so decided to give them a try. While I lost the Buttershine in Rum Kiss, I've been keeping the Bare Brilliance in Chocolate Ice in my pocket because I love it so much. When I first tried it on in Sephora, I asked the sales lady if she thought it was too much like my own lip color and she said "yes." Bingo! But she agreed that it was great for everyday. Its this perfect brown/bronze that doesn't actually look brown or bronze - its rather neutral with a slightest hint of red. While it looks ultra dark in the tube, it is not so once applied.

I love it because its so sheer and shimmery and the color really does "enhance" your natural lipcolor - and it doesn't bleed! It feels more like a balm and is pretty moisturizing. Plus, it has just enough shine without going overboard for day. While its not great for that "stained" look that lasts all day, you can probably layer it with a lip pencil or something to make it last longer. I, of course, avoid such steps, so instead, I just rub on to the point where I'm almost making out with it. Perfect for everyday. Going to get it in more colors. Sephora, $14.50


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