I'm still rather clueless about using makeup brushes, but I do know how to wield a blush or powder brush rather decently. That's what I'm excited about this 5-piece makeup brush set I purchased from the drugstore a while back. Eco Tools Bamboo 5-Piece Brush Set is VERY reasonably priced and the quality so far has been impressive.

These brushes feature real bamboo handles and synthetic bristles. The set is equipped with the most basic tools anyone obsessed with makeup (or not) will likely want to use/test at some point or another - a Blush Brush, an Eye Shading Brush, Eyeliner Brush, Lash and Brow Groomer, and Concealer Brush.

Best of all, these brushes come encased in a cool, sturdy wraparound case that can be tied closed. I'm not at the level of indulging in expensive makeup tools yet (or may never be), so this has proven to be a great value. Also, validated by both Sania and MUA reviews - 'nuff said. $12.00 @ Drugstores and $14.99 @ Ulta


Sania said...

I adore the eyeliner brush in this set - great for cream eyeliner.

Truckspotter said...

If only I had the patience for cream eyeliner. Perhaps someday...

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