Calling Dr. Scholl's

This is not the most glam product to talk about, but I think quite necessary, especially for us quarter-lifers. We all know how much my feet hate shoes, but I should have mentioned I do have some nifty solutions to fix that problem. This mainly involves my friend, Dr. Scholl's. This line of foot/shoe products deserves special mention because it recently developed a range of products specifically for women and women's shoes, Dr. Scholl's For Her. These are more expensive and I have yet to try them, but I give him props for fulfilling what is perhaps a major need in this post-SATC era of all things Blahnik.

I use the Heel Liners on nearly all my shoes - they provide some extra comfort for your heel and prevent that awful burn from new shoes. They stay put and you hardly ever have to replace them, so the $5.00 or so is a major investment. There are also great insoles and cushions which help immensely if you walk a lot like I do (with a heavy step), and if you have a high arch (my foot is practically a bridge).

In my opinion, all shoes and good clothes require a little bit of fixin' and tailorin' for the best comfort and fit. You might think these are for oldies or people with foot problems, but trust me, they make the day much more tolerable and will save your feet years of aging. $3.00-$9.00 @ Drugstores


Sania said...

You have a high arch, and I'm flat-footed. A match made in heaven~!

Shrooms said...

Yes! No wonder we have this blog together - of course high-arched people find their way to you flat-footed lucky ducks.

Janice Lois said...
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