Steal of Steels - Best Sharpener

I think one of the best things about Sephora isn't the make-up, but the make-up tools. Only because its hard to figure out why there are so many and why they are so over-priced. Many people say, however, that application is all in the tools you use so perhaps someday they will all become less mysterious to me, I'll learn how to use them, and most importantly, I'll have the resources to actually purchase them. In the meantime, my little drugstore finds will have to do.

One item that is most definitely a bargain, especially when compared to something similar at Sephora, is a nifty little steel eyeliner sharpener - the Prestige Duo Sharpener Stainless Steel No. 6002. It reminds me of the little pencil "cutters" I used as a kid in India (the brief year I was there at age 7...) They could sharpen anything, smoothly and without damaging the pencil in the least. Plus, they were extremely sturdy and never dulled. The Prestige one for eyeliners looks very similar to those, being classically round, made of steel, and with 2 different-sized holes that sharpen regular and chubby pencils. I also love it because it doesn't take up much space and is easy to clean. And I promise it will never break. I bought one a while ago and realized how much better than my crappy plastic one it was. Of course I lost it in the make-up bag that is probably orbiting around in space right now, but because it's so cheap, I went out and replaced it with 2 - one for my bag, and one for home.

Some people might not like that it doesn't have a container to catch the shavings, or that the itty bitty pieces of liner can smudge in your bag but I say - who cares? It's nice to be old-school about something, especially one that works so well and is so inexpensive. $2.95 @ Drugstores and online.


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