Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick Finally Available!

Finally! This is one product release I actually made a mental note of and waited for. A bit sad that I have fallen in love with my CG Cheekers Blush in Golden Pink, but of course I'm always willing to experiment. Especially when the products look this easy to use. The available shades for this blush are (same shades as the regular Blushwears):

* Glow Blush (nude)
* Peachy Blush (tawny)
* Rosy Blush (pink)
* Shy Blush (violet)

I'm slightly hesitant about trying this because I have sensitive, combination skin that breaks out easily, so I don't know if a tube of cream smeared all over my cheeks is the best thing for it. But I'm getting into this blush thing, and I like Clinique packaging, and this looks too pretty to resist even though my current blush costs me less than $4. $18.50 @ Nordstrom's


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