Sally Hansen Natural Beauty by Carmindy Sheerest Creme Blush

That has got to be the longest name for a makeup product ever - whew. Let me preface this by saying that my review cannot compare to those written by our resident blush expert, Sania. Of late she has been inspiring me to do abandon my restraint about such things and have fun. With her in mind (and also because I love the TLC show "What Not To Wear"), I decided to try some fool-proof drugstore blush before venturing onto something more fancy and fulfilling (which I did - Taos. On my wishlist. Someone buy it for me!).

Sally Hansen created this line along with the What Not To Wear's makeup artist, Carmindy, famous for her "5-minute face." I thought it would be a safe bet, and it proved to be a pleasant one as well. The Sheerest Creme Blush (I have it in Rosy) comes in a compact-sized, flip-top container with a transparent lid. I like the packaging even though it's rather big for a blush and there is no mirror.

Rosy is a medium berry/mauve color that suits my natural flush. It was pretty easy to apply and the consistency was not too creamy, thick, or dry (although I'm sure it dries out after a while). It did require some extra blending, which I only did with my fingers, so perhaps a good sponge or small brush is needed for creme brushes like this. The color was very natural and wearable, giving a pretty finish that still let my own skin to shine through. No streaking and the color was also not heavily pigmented. It lasted decently long through some very hot, humid weather and an evening without air conditioning. It probably would have lasted longer had I layered a powder blush over/under it, or just applied more. This may inspire me to try the line's powder formula blush as well.

This is definitely a good, anytime, anywhere, throw-in-my-bag, I'm-bored, blush that perks up your face just the right amount - I think. Someday, I hope to try this in combination with Taos. But then people might be tempted to pinch and kiss my cheeks. Only time, experience, and Sania can tell. $8.95 @ Drugstores


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