Avalon Organic Botanicals Lavender Renewal and Vitality for Sensitive Skin Facial Cleansing Gel

I'm still on my cleanser kick (although I'm leaving more and more towards the BB Scrub and Tea Tree Oil Wash), and just received this in an awesome team effort with Sania on Drugstore.com. I basically ordered this because it was on sale, so I apologize for not having some witty rationale behind it (I agree that my wit is questionable so it's just as well).

When I first tried it, I was surprised at how soapy it smelled and the way it lathered, but afterwards, my face still felt fresh (not looking for a squeaky, scrubbed-floor feeling here) and well-balanced without any tightness or dryness, and no irritations over the next few days. I think this is great for summer months and not more than once a day, if that. Then again, I'm opposed to using any cleanser more than once I day....it will of course be drying if you do. I like this for when I'm wearing more makeup than usual or in particularly hot weather where I've been around a lot and my face is grimy and I'm convinced that I need a nice cleanser to feel nice again after a long day.

Overall, a good, natural product to have on hand. It's a large bottle, so will last a while. $11.99 @ Drugstores


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