Best Blush

Yesterday I claimed to know little about blush. In fact, it was the first time I talked about any blush (read it here). Either I'm being impatient again, or I really lucked out, because since then (less than 24 hours), I managed to find The Best Blush (at least for me) - Cover Girl Cheekers Blush in Golden Pink #170.

Now, I'm no fan of Cover Girl cosmetics. When I was 13, I owned a CG face powder, lipstick, and mascara for dance performances. None of their products have ever appealed to me. Browsing through Rite Aid yesterday, I thought I would give some cheaper blushes a shot, so glanced through the CG displays. After reflecting on the Sally Hansen creme blush some more, I realized that the Rosy shade is definitely a little too cool-toned and plummy. I wanted to find an inexpensive version of NARS' Taos - a deep yet bright pink with a peachy-tan base.

CG's Golden Pink is that perfect shade, although not the same as Taos. However, the effect is similar, if not better. I find most blush shades to be either too plum or peachy. This is a crisp, burnt pink with the right balance of warm/cool tones and an almost undetectable shimmer. Don't be fooled by how dark it appears in the pan (almost brick rose). Think bright "desert rose," with some punch and subtle shimmer for a pretty, natural glow. One reviewer on MUA described this as a "caramelly pink" with "microshimmer," and I would have to agree. This shade would be perfect year-round. Goes on smooth and blends well.

I have very warm-toned skin that is also a bit tan/olive, and this blush gives THE most natural flush. For the first time after applying blush I thought, "Wow, that's actually what I look like after a workout or when thinking about a crush!" I'm so excited I don't even know how to describe it properly. If your skin tone sounds anything like mine, just go out and try it - it is so cheap you won't even feel bad if it doesn't work for you. I'm glad I bought two on a hunch that I would need them.

Packaging is, of course, ridiculously outdated. I don't know why any cosmetics company would still make a blush with those rectangular pans of color and the horrible mini brush - we all know pots of color are where it's at and that everyone buys separate brushes anyway. Also, that odd, CG smell is awful. I immediately thought of my grandmother, who has been using CG pressed powder since I was in the womb, which is about since when I've associated that smell with her. But for this price and result, I don't care. San, I hope you would approve. Your quarter-life challenge has definitely broadened my makeup horizons. $3.59 @ Drugstores


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