Once You Go Brown/Black, You Never Go Back

After yet another day of great wear, I think I'm finally ready to praise one of my favorite new eyeliners, Almay Amazing Lasting Eyeliner in Precise Black Brown. For the longest time, I had been looking for the right black/brown eyeliner shade for everyday wear, and also because with the summer season, black can look a tad heavy for day (even with a great one like the Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes).

I decided to buy this self-sharpening (the little sharpener at the end of the pencil is VERY easy to use), retractable pencil from Almay solely because the black/brown color on the packaging was the deepest brown I had seen yet. The liner glides on surprisingly smooth for a non-kohl , non-liquid/gel formula, and the color is dark enough to give true definition that doesn't fade quickly. I'm usually good to go with one swipe. I can even apply it on my waterline, although that obviously doesn't last as long.

2 best parts - first, when this does eventually fade , it doesn't give you raccoon eyes or make your face look dirty. The color kind of evaporates off or something and it's like you were never wearing it. To fully remove, however, you still need to use some type of makeup remover.

Second, if you need more definition or if there are gaps that need to be filled along your lash line, applying more of this is easy without looking like you a took a Sharpie to your lids. At the same time, if you apply enough, it's just as good as a black liner, if not better - if it does happen to smudge a little, it looks smoky and natural, not like you accidentally rubbed your eyes and forgot you were wearing eyeliner - not the best look.

Additionally, I don't think black is necessary the best color for even darker-skinned girls like me - experimenting with dark browns and greens complements the other hints of color that make my skin tone much better, so I prefer experimenting with these types of "blackened" colors versus pure black.

No product is ever completely smudge-proof or as long-lasting (16 hours for this liner) as the company claims, but this is the closest I've found to one, especially since the color is perfect for me. I love it for work and day events. With some CG Golden Pink blush and some lip gloss, it gives a very nice, polished look without going overboard. ~$6.00 @ Drugstores


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