25 Blushes Until My Quarter Life Crisis

So this weekend I realized that my birthday is just about 2 months away. I'll be 25 - just ripe for a quarter-life crisis. There are a lot of life changes heading my way, and my birthday is around the time that they'll all converge.

In celebration, I've decided to review 25 of my favorite blushes. Yes, I know that sounds like a lot, but I really do own that many.

I present to you.. the QUARTER LIFE CHALLENGE!

The rules:

  • I will wear a new blush every 2 days between now and my birthday. Two days will allow me to really give it a decent test run, and switching it up will allow me to use more of my collection.
  • I will post a review of each blush at the end of my 2-day run.
  • I'll try to switch it up between different types of formulas -- powder, cream, and gel -- and get a good mix of brands in there for variety.

So that's it, my project for the summer. Requests are welcome, and I'll be posting my first review of the first blush today!


Truckspotter said...

Love it. That takes some willpower, woman - a new blush every 2 days? : ) I could never do it. I'm looking forward to hearing about it when you approach your quarter life crisis :P I have a suggestion - the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty by Carmindy Creme Blush. I'm still feeling it out...I'm no expert on blush either so I don't know how to approach reviewing it :) I won't write about it though - it's all yours!

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