Fresh Supernova Mascara

I know this is starting to sound redundant, but mascara really is one of those products I've never been into. Most of the time, it gives me these weird, fake, spidery extensions that I am not at all fond of. My lashes have a natural curl to them as well, so product that amps the curl can just look fake or too dramatic. My sister received this Fresh Supernova Mascara in Black (it only comes in 1 color) as a gift, and it found its way into my makeup bag easily. It was time to throw out my old one, L'Oreal Voluminous, so I thought this was a nice, expensive update.

The first time I tried this, I was actually impressed. It gave a very naturally full and feathery look that was just defined enough without being fake or dramatic. Same results every time thereafter! It also didn't clump, or give me tarantula eyes. Best part, the raccoon eye look was successfully avoided, while still managing to wash off easily at night. I liked the packagin - a sturdy, streamlined aluminum tube - and brush - a classic, reliable shape that isn't trying to be too creative. The creativity is left for the outside of the tube, white swirls and stars - whimsical and yet simple.

The only thing I didn't like about this mascara was that it doesn't give any glossy/pearly/shiny effect, but I guess that's pretty unnatural anyway. This might flake a little in drier weather judging from the formula, which is rather creamy. I can't say I would purchase this on my own because it's pricey, but for those who use mascara more regularly, I would say this has the potential to become a new classic, or at the very least, a good staple. $25 @ Sephora


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