The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick

One of my favorite new products has got to be The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick. I've been on this natural-oils kick to improve my skin (jojoba oil is good, Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick is not so good), and had been meaning to try a blemish-fighter with tea tree oil. I have the Dessert Essence Tea Tree Oil and Awapuhi Cleanser and like it, so I though I would give another tea tree oil product a try.

The Sales Lady suggested that I try this versus pure tea tree oil, which is highly concentrated and should be used carefully. MUA reviewers rave about the results when tea tree oil is mixed with other products or used sparingly, but I agreed that may be not be the best idea, especially for sensitive skin.

I completely understand why this is on Sania's list of things that she has tried and repurchased. I mean, the stuff really works! It's a little green and black tube with a sponge-tip wand that you use to dab the gel-like lotion on trouble spots. Very easy to use, very sanitary, and very portable.

I successfully fought off a monstrous (and I mean Monstrous) zit a couple of weeks ago by dabbing this on the spot a few times a day. I could feel the zit wanting to bust out from under my skin, but luckily, it never did. This stuff dried it up without completely drying the surrounding skin. This didn't happen overnight, however. It took about 2 days, but I was okay with that because the zit definitely didn't get worse during the time and its appearance definitely wasn't as frightening during that period.

That was a cystic zit - I've had a whitehead this week that has reduced in size remarkably over 24 hours. In combination with Neutrogena's On The Spot Treatment, it also substantially reduced another teeny skin bubble that had appeared on my nose.

It has also gradually helped fade some old pimple scars (this was also helped by the acne medication I'm currently using). The key is to apply a few times a day (but don't overdo it) and leave the bad guy alone. You could spread this over problem areas as well since it's gentle enough, but it's meant to be a spot-treatment and should probably be used as such.

Like Sania said, this isn't exactly a miracle stick, but it's pretty damn reliable. Definitely better than some drugstore potions I've tried, and about the same price. I keep it in my bag! $9.00 @ The Body Shop


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