Oil Rig

I woke up last Thursday morning with horribly dry skin. Like, peeling, flaky, dull skin around almost the entire right side of my face. My face is otherwise rather oily or combination/oily or whatever fancy label you want to put on it, but I've started using these antibiotic acne creams which are severely drying, in combination with the freezer of an office that I work in. I was seriously disturbed though, because who wants to face nerdy Indian lab technicians with a flaky face? Not I. I'm supposed to be the Cute One here. Self-appointed, but no matter, must live up to name.

Because of the prescribed creams though, I didn't want to add harsher chemicals so followed my natural instincts instead. I keep Vitamin E oil (I use the generic drug store brand - oil or gel caps work), olive oil (any old kitchen brand will do), and lately, jojoba oil (I use the Desert Essences brand) to mix in with lotions/creams when I need something soothing. I have to say, this trio of oils in combination with my Phisoderm Gel Clarifiying Moisturizer really helped my skin without going overboard.

I felt slightly gross and shiny after mixing in a few drops of each with it, but it really helped and trust me, it didn't actually make my face oilier. In fact, I still had dry patches throughout the next few days and slathering on small amounts of each oil throughout the day didn't hurt. Once, when I lived in India, my Martha Stewart-of-a-cousin gave me a mini bottle of olive oil to keep in my bathroom (for a week I also had to slather on coconut oil - ew - due to a really awful, drying mud mask that killed my face for a week). It helped then, and I'm glad I remembered to use it again. The jojoba is also nice. I don't know how good these oils are when it comes to fighting acne and general problem areas, but I think they're helpful in small amounts. Not a bad idea to have some around. Also good for nail beds and heels.


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