Things I've Tried and Re-Buy

A conversation with Suman today inspired me to put together a list of products that I've recently discovered (within the last year or so) but have already used up and bought again.  

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Blemish Stick - This handy-dandy tube contains a hefty dose of tea tree oil to clear up spots.  I can't say it's a miracle stick, but it's pretty dependable if you apply it right when you feel a zit coming on.  It definitely shortens the duration of the zit's visit.  Call me a sucker for the medicinal smell of it, too.   

Boots Mediterranean Bergamot Orange & Olive Body Butter - A great body moisturizer; light and fluffy, with a wonderful citrusy scent.   One of my biggest pet peeves is moisturizers that leave a greasy film on your skin.  That's probably why I'm in love with this one - it's cool to the to the touch and absorbs greaselessly.

Olay Daily Facials Express, Sensitive - These wipes are great when you're too lazy to do your whole cleansing routine at night.  They remove makeup quickly and painlessly, even mascara - and the sensitive version is fragrance-less, which is a plus as I get older and annoyed with unnecessary perfumes.  

The Body Shop Lip Scuff - A minty, sugary, grainy scrub for your lips.  It's the easiest way to get rid of flakies on your lips and make lipstick go on smoother.  


Truckspotter said...

Wow - I was totally wondering about some of these products at The Body Shop, including the bronzer/blush and lip scuff. I've had a toddler pimple for a week that's been refusing to go away but the blemish stick has already helped a lot - thanks :)

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