Summer Shoe Staple

For some reason, I have a lot to say about Payless lately. This is what happens when you "browse." You find things you never thought you would and then have to have them. I must admit that this often happens to me when I have last minute plans (don't ask how they materialize) and realize that I am either inappropriate dressed or that something needs to be changed about my outfit. On one such occasion, it was Payless to the rescue.

I bought the Tori Slides, a black, leather, T-strap wedge with stitched detail from the store's Predictions line, to wear on some too-long jeans, but the buy has turned into a summer-long commitment. I have worn these babies with practically EVERYTHING so far, and to practically EVERYTHING. They work for both day and night, on trousers, jeans, and dresses/skirts.

The wedge heel is just high enough to give you some height and ensure that hems don't skim the floor, but low enough to actually walk around in. I love the detailing on the curvy strap - cute for such an inexpensive, simple shoe. The heel is neither skinny nor too broad/chunky. Most importantly, these are so lightweight, I can barely feel them. There's nothing worse than heavy shoes, especially in warm weather. These are seriously comfortable, and not just for the price - probably more so than more expensive sandals. I may have to get them in the tan color, too! I promise you'll wear these to death and won't regret it. $19.99 @ Payless ShoeSource


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