Quarter Life Challenge - Blush 8

NARS Blush in Crazed

I love NARS blushes. I would marry them, if I could. I kid you not, sometimes I swirl these onto my cheeks and swoon because I'm so in love. And the honeymoon is far from over, folks..

Crazed is one of the more than two dozen powder blush shades in the NARS line. It's a pale magenta with barely perceptible gold shimmer - pretty unique as far as blushes go. Crazed is one of a few deep maroons, raspberries, and purple-reds that exist in the the NARS family; however, each shade has an entirely unique personality.

Crazed leans more towards being an everyday sort of blush for women with medium olive skin. Applied correctly, it contours and provides definition to even the most nonexistent of cheekbones, and it gives me a happy, mellow flush.

The powder formula is finely milled, with intensely pigmented particles. But despite being so pigmented, these blushes blend like a dream.

The thing that sets NARS apart from all of the competition is that their blushes have some serious lasting power. They do not slide off your face, even if you're a bit oily like I am, or touch your face often, as I do. I can go an entire day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. without having to retouch.

The only thing you have to be careful about is getting too much product on your brush. Apply with a *very* light hand, or risk giving yourself the dreaded 'clown cheeks' of doom.

With so many colors, I'm certain there's a NARS shade for everyone out there, and I truly believe that this is one product that should be in every woman's makeup kit. It puts all other blushes to shame.

$25 @ Sephora


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