Quarter Life Challenge - Blush 5

NYX Powder Blush in Desert Rose

The next blush on the docket is from a little-known brand, NYX. Had I not read about it on MakeupAlley, I probably would not have come across it on my own. It's available in so few stores, and the store finder on NYXcosmetics.com is not helpful at all. (For ladies in NYC, NXY cosmetics are *not* available at Essentials, contrary to what they say on the site).

I actually stumbled upon this brand, after searching in vain, in a small beauty supply store right by Penn Station. Since I had heard such good things -- many people have said that the quality is comparable to MAC -- I picked up a few items, and naturally a blush was among them.

The NYX powder blush comes in a small fliptop container that is similar a MAC eye shadow compact, only square-ish. There is a clear window on the lid so you can see the color inside, and the surface of the powder has a raised grid design embossed onto the surface.

Desert Rose is a deep brick-red with magenta undertones, and no shimmer. This type of color is perfect for creating the illusion of cheekbones when brushed into the hollows of the cheeks.* Since there is no shimmer, this looks more like a deep flush than a glow.

*Mini-tutorial: make a fish face by sucking in your cheeks. Sweep the blush lightly from your hairline down into the hollows. Voila, instant cheekbones!

The formula blush is pretty smooth, with excellent color payoff. As with many lower-priced brands, I don't get a perfect full day's wear out of it - you will need a reapplication before going out for the evening.  And I do have to say that it doesn't blend as easily as I want it to.  But this line has an amazing range of colors to choose from, and for that reason I would definitely turn to it over and over again. Plus, it's extremely inexpensive for what you get.

I've never been a MAC girl, so I can't compare the brands, but I've loved most everything I've tried from NYX. It's available at Ulta (but no longer Ulta.com), and definitely look at beauty supply stores - you might get lucky!

$6.00 @ NYX Cosmetics


Truckspotter said...

NYX is great - I used to see it at Eckerd's, but not so much anymore :( If I ever find NYX products, I will pick some up for you :)

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