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I once took my younger cousin shopping at Sephora, where she received the cutest little makeover with these cute, inexpensive little beauty products from Pop Beauty, a London-based cosmetics line. I will never forget that experience because the sales lady insisted that I could wear the same products, declared that my lips were extremely dry, and proceeded to rub some glorious lip balm on my chapped excuse of lips, exclaiming that "the oils will make your lips much better and nice" (it really did). I loved the fun vibe of the line, as well as its wear-ability. Had I had a makeup routine in high school, it might have included lots of Pop products. Mind you, this make up is not simply for little girls.

The gloss that I tried on that day was the Mini Ribbon Gloss in Peony Pink. This pocket-sized mini tin has a trio of wearable lip shades. Peony Pink consists of a frosty pink (which does not look frosty at all), nude (which does not make you look dead), and berry shade (which is not aging or drag-queeny). These colors are all surprisingly sheer, long-lasting, and truly moisturizing. They don't forming plastic wrap over your lips, or disappear into thin air. The best part - the texture. Somewhere between regular pot glosses and a proper lip balm (think slightly heavier Smith's Rosebud Salve), these go on very smooth and almost a little creamy without any stickiness. The back of the tin describes this as a "deluxe lip gel with nourishing jojoba oil" - for once, pretty right on. A gel for your lips that isn't going to evaporate or create sticky strings! And they don't settle into the nooks and crannies of your lips if yours are dry like mine - they actually smooth them over and moisturize! The overall effect, either alone or over lipstick, is a little shine and dimension that manages to look very dewy and fresh throughout the day, no matter what finish the shade is appears to have (i.e., frosty, sheer, sparkly). I simply love it.

My first thought after I bought it is that it would be great to smear on while on the subway/bus. Lo and behold, it appeared in amNY's "Board the Beauty Train" (check out the 06.16.08 PDF) special on how to apply makeup during your commute. I must be turning into a makeup psychic.

There is also a larger tin of 4 shades, the Ribbon Gloss (available on the company website but not Sephora), about the size of a regular powder compact. Sania gave me one that she wasn't using, and I love it as well. Since it is slightly more expensive at $15.00, I prefer to use the Mini, especially since it looks like it will last a while and is more portable.

Incidentally, Pop also has also has fun glittery eyeliners called Glitter Stix (available only at Sephora). I've tried the one in Moss and it's very, very cute and edgy without looking like you're trying too hard. Will purchase one and see how practical it is.

At $10 a Pop, I'll definitely get more Mini Ribbons. $10.00 @ Sephora


Truckspotter said...

I had to comment myself on how much I love these. The moisturizing effect, I'm not joking, has basically lasted almost all day long. Love 'em.

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