My Buddy, My Blush - Wherever I Go, You Go

I've used San's term of "making out" with makeup loosely, but this time I mean it. I am nearly in love with my CG Cheekers Blush in Golden Pink. I could smear this baby all over my face like's there no tomorrow and not care if I look an Indian show dancer who didn't finish putting on all her makeup and applied whatever was on in the dark.

I've gotten several compliments on it (I swear everyone thinks it's NARS), although a few times I've used a bit of a heavy hand with it. This is partly because I don't have a great eye and can't always tell if it's showing up, and partly because I just love it so much that I can't help but apply more than I may need. Oh, and also because the cute-as-a-button Posh Retractable Kabuki Brush is currently the only one I carry and it may be a bit much for blush application.

I have one in my bag and one at home and am considering buying more for the hell of it. I mean, they're so cheap I can't resist - less than $4! All I can think about when I see a product in Sephora lately is how many Golden Pink blushes I could buy with that money. I'm also going to get the Posh Retractable Blush Brush just to use with it (I use the Eco Tools one when applying at home).

If I were to ever have my own makeup line, I would surely copy this color. I think I'm going to go put some on right now.


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