More Pop to Lust After

How gorgeous does that look. Nothing could satisfy my eyeliner cravings more, especially since I've been meaning to experiment with everything non-pencil. Pop Beauty recently introduced Liner Cake, a funky little tin of 5 powder liners (featured in Allure's June 2008 Beauty Reporter). Since I've had a good experience with their lip glosses, I'm very tempted to give these a try.

The Darkness "cake" includes Velvet Plum, Emerald Green, Electric Blue, Silver Black, and Gunmetal - sexy. I doubt all of these will work on me, and I've seen photos where they all look different. But it might motivate me to finally put eye liner/shadow brushes to good use. Plus, for the price, 5 shades isn't bad at all.

$19 @ Sephora


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