Makeup Compulsions Or Why I Don't MAC

I firmly believe that everyone has some degree of OCD, whether it has to do with their work or their personal life. Not surprisingly, one of my compulsive behaviors has to do with makeup.

My confession: I can't have one item from any brand. It's got to be at least two. And of course, from two, it's a slippery slope towards hoarding.

Luckily, I've managed to keep my insanity confined to a handful of brands (Stila, NARS, and Tarte mostly). And for the most part, these brands have a finite number of products that work for me and that I'm interested in.

But MAC? MAC can't be content with their core line. Nooo. They release new products -- limited edition collections -- practically on a monthly basis. New products, new colors, new formulations. They're not even content to keep their packaging the same. Each limited edition line comes in new and embellished colors and designs.

And let's talk about the "Limited Edition" aspect of this all. There's nothing better to drive a woman into a tizzy than to tell her that she can't have something - especially a woman with a collector instinct. So time after time, month after month, women flock to their local MAC counters and stores to snap up products and colors that they fear won't make an appearance again.

I just can't bring myself to get sucked into all of that; it would be the beginning of my demise. Luckily, I'm not a huge connisseur of eyeshadow, MAC's number one draw. And I haven't particularly enjoyed the two or three lipsticks that I've tried.

One of these days, I'll probably get sucked in, without a doubt. But for now, I'm keeping my wallet protected from MAC.

What's your makeup OCD?


Truckspotter said...

I'm definitely in the process of developing multiple ones. Will let you and others know soon :)

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