Jelly Balm, Jelly Balm, where art thou Jelly Balm???

Bored and browsing the other day, I came upon a single MUA review for a new product from L'Oreal, the HiP Jelly Balm. Interested, I tried to search for it online but only found a YouTube video comparing it to M.A.C's Tendertones, apparently a very similar product. Since last night, when my CG Cheekers Blush in Golden Pink (yes, I fully intend to become the spokeswoman for this awesome blush) passed for a NARS blush, I'm all about drugstore copycats and would like to locate these mysterious Jelly Balms ASAP.

I have not seen these in stores anywhere and there are still only 3 MUA reviews on it - I don't think the product has even been introduced on the company website. According to reviews and the ever trust-worthy San, I believe they're available at Walgreen's, although they haven't yet appeared on that website either.

Since I've had such a good experience with the Pop Ribbon glosses (I swear my lips are more conditioned and smooth than they ever are) and bought an adorable little balm from The Body Shop on sale for $1.00 (it's no longer available though), I'm willing to give these Jelly Balms a try. Especially since I've read that they have no shimmer - sometimes, you just don't need/want any. I do, however, agree with San and other reviewers that sticking dirty, grimy fingers into pot glosses/balms is never fun. That is, if I can even get my hands on these in the first place! Hmm, perhaps I should find a retractable lip brush...alas, that might be more work than I can handle.

Any leads, please comment.

Update from Sania - we found them, check out the details here!


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