Forget Me Not

I may be approaching that point where I prefer myself with a little makeup.

My worst fear about wearing makeup regularly has always been that someday, I wouldn't be able to walk out of the house without it and that people would think I look horrifically tired and blank au naturale.

Last night I dabbed on some blush to dinner with the family and my sister proceeded to tell me I was wearing too much. The day before, my friend had also noticed it and asked me if it was NARS (it's not - in case you don't know about my current blush obsession, read here). Am I overloading because a little just isn't enough anymore?

This morning I walked out of the house with only mascara. When I got to the office, I decided my eyes looked non-existent and added a wee bit of eyeliner. And lipstick (although the sheerest one I own). Then, because its fun to pop open my TheBalm eyeshadow, I dabbed on some eyeshadow. I don't know how much any of this made a difference, but I definitely felt better. Goodness. But perhaps better than chocolate?

Lately I think my face is too shiny in the mornings and I've been swirling around some face powder with my awesomely fun retractable kabuki brush. I sort of feel like Casper afterwards but I tell myself it's necessary in this weather.

I guess this is all part of The Evolution. I'm a bit wistful at the change, but all change is good, right? I just hope no one forgets what I look like naturally and that it is still the best Me.

Clearly, I am overreacting because most girls still wouldn't think I'm wearing much, if anything. I think another Sephora trip is in order.


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