Coolest Kohl - L'Oreal Le Kohl Eyeliner

As you can tell from my entries on this site, I've been experimenting a lot with eyeliners and shadows lately, and have settled on a few good products (for now). Prior to this, I used to buy what worked decently and was on sale. Last year, this method resulted in a few amazing drugstore eyeliner finds which deserve special mention here.

By far the best kohl eyeliners were L'Oreal's Le Kohl Smooth Defining Eyeliners in Onyx and Black Sable. I used these both for well over a year and was extremely satisfied. They glide on very smooth with little tugging, even on the upper and lower waterlines. Since they're kohl formulas, they don't have the best staying power, of course, but still last much longer than you would expect. Even some of the best, high-end kohl liners are worthless in this respect since the truer the kohl quality, the quicker it will smudge and give you raccoon eyes. The Sephora brand's regular and waterproof kohl pencils could be an exception, but I have yet to give those an honest try (bought a couple once and returned them). The Le Kohl pencils are just hard enough to give precise definition but soft enough to produce a slightly smoky effect.

I loved Black Sable in particular because it is such a great dark brown/black. Although I am currently using Almay's Amazing Eyeliner, which is a long-lasting, non-kohl formula, Black Sable runs a very, very close second.

Overall, these are classic, reliable kohl pencils, especially for the budget-conscious, that give both simple and more dramatic looks. Other great colors include Carbon Black, Cafe, Smoke, and Le Plum (which I just bought on sale and will try very soon). Had I not started experimenting, I definitely would have repurchased these. $7.95 @ Drugstore.com


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