I've never looked good in a cardigan. They're just not made to look good on women with boobs. I didn't even own one until I picked up the Jackie Cardigan from J.Crew over Memorial Day weekend. I'm not sure what came over me; it just looked so good on the mannequin that I had to have it.

Can I just say that I heart this sweater? It's so simple and elegant and can easily be dressed up with pearls or dressed down and worn with jeans. I got one Bright Azul, but it comes in a ton of colors. It fits like a dream, and I feel so Jackie O when I'm wearing it.

I am *totally* picking up a few more during the next J. Crew sale.

Currently $62 @ J.Crew.com


Truckspotter said...

OMG, I just bought the same one and was going to post on it too!!!!!!!!!

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