Super, Skinnier Hair

No skinny jeans for me, but skinnier (slightly) hair is most welcome, although I don't really believe that flat, thin, limp, hair should become the new beauty standard. I have naturally voluptuous, beachy hair, and quite love it, but it occasionally needs some "taming." When I was a kid, I had some Indian version of a 'fro. It has since smoothed out considerably, but is still extremely full, thick, and wavy, and takes all orders from the Weather Gods.

For this reason, I have never been able to develop a real "style" for it. It kind of hangs like a thick, wavy curtain around my face. But when it is blown out, man - my friends say boys don't deserve to see it look like that on a first date (ahem, first online dating website business meeting).

Straightening, or even basic blow-drying, is, of course, a pain. My hair is on the longer side, and I on the lazy. I manage to give it a rough blow-out once a week which lasts me quite a while. I also don't like stick-straight, fried hair that looks like a broom so I like to keep some wave and only use the Solano Sapphire iron for special occasions, to clean up a bit, or if the Weather Gods are having particular fun with my hair that day. In the winter, I don't even have to bother with the iron - it smooths out decently enough with just the blow dryer. And I rarely use product, with the minor, occasional exception of Atina Hair Shine.

I'm also terrified that even minimal hair styling will make my hair fall out by the time I'm 40 and ruin its natural texture, so I try to go au naturale as often as I can, especially since it is rather "in" to do so. But let me tell you, that tousled, no-fuss look only works on people with fine and silky hair to begin with, even if it's thick. Still, a considerable amount of effort goes into making those styles look effort-less. In some ways, I'm glad that Hollywood starlets have to squirt seawater over their hair to achieve a look I naturally have.

If your hair is the least bit coarse like mine, and as full, sexy beach/bed hair quickly becomes a mess. Enter my new resolve to avoid messes and keep my hair as natural as possible, especially in this victorious weather, with the aid of an effective styling product.

I decided to try the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm since I'd read about it here and there in magazines. I thought it might help me achieve smoother hair from the roots to mid-shaft and then let my natural waves take over.

I was pretty right. A few pumps of this serum rubbed through damp hair and then air-drying did pretty much just that. I didn't want my hair to go skinny or flat, and this still retained its natural volume and overall texture. On a good day, I can achieve this look by pulling my hair back in a tight bun, but this isn't always reliable. I don't know if I'll actually use this for blow-outs since I'm not looking for super-straight hair, but it will definitely be a go-to for smoother hair when going natural.

I liked the texture and feel of this serum as well - a lightweight cream/serum that wasn't sticky or thick, but not completely runny either. It also had a nice, citrus scent. I normally don't like any fragrance but in the summer, it's kind of nice.

I'm hoping this will product will allow for more consistently "natural" hair. I'll report back if it fails me, but I don't think it will. The price-tag is more than I would generally allow for a styling product, but it is good quality and worth it for consistent use, especially for someone like me who otherwise doesn't use this stuff. Happy that I can have more manageable hair that is still me. $14.39 @ ProBeautyWarehouse.com & other beauty supply stores


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