Posh Brush Knockoffs from Apt. 5

I guess I haven't updated everyone on my quest to find the Posh Retractable Blush Brush. I refused to buy it full-price online, and KMart is sold out (they aren't available at Kmart online either). I checked out some at the drugstores, but wasn't psychologically or emotionally satisfied by them. Until yesterday.

First of all, San will attest to how good the Duane Reade on the concourse level at Penn Station is. I don't know why, but it carries a whole load of goodies that the lower level one does not. I find all sorts of new or hard-to-find products there.

Yesterday, I spotted a row of black and red brushes from drugstore line Apt. 5 that are identical to the Posh ones. And I mean identical. Had I not checked, I would've mistaken them for Posh. They have exactly the same kinds of brushes, same design, same packaging (with one minor exception - the Apt. 5 ones don't come in a reusable zipper pouch).

Best part - the Apt. 5 ones are half the price.

The minute I spotted the retractable blush brush, I had to have it. I opened it when I got home and compared it with the Posh Kabuki I have, and my, was I impressed. Again, almost identical quality. Using this to apply my blush was infinitely easier than using the kabuki - there's some duh factor involved here, don't remind me.

It's a miracle I even found these. They were lined up in the display of some new Maybelline mineral makeup, and not anywhere near the regular Apt. 5 makeup/brushes. I'd also been in a few other drugstores over the last few days and had not spotted them.

I can't find these online, and some sites are saying Apt. 5 is no longer available for purchase - I guess I haven't seen their cosmetics in a while, although I do often see their brushes. I'm not sure if the Posh copycats are new or discontinued.

Getting your hands on these will surely be a hunt, but well worth it especially if you're not interested in paying even the Posh prices for makeup brushes. $5.99 @ god knows where but if you live in NYC, go to the Duane Reade located on the upper level of Penn Station near the NJ Transit!


Unknown said...

can u pls tell me how much did u pay for the apt.5 the whole set of 9 brushes ??

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