No Plain Jane - Gel Eyeliner in Dark Brown

Over the last few months, I've bulldozed my way through about 10-15 different pencil eyeliners and rediscovered liquid liner of the drugstore variety (currently using Prestige and Wet 'n' Wild). A little birdie in a tree has been whispering in my ear about trying creme/gel liners, which are supposed to have better lasting power.

Since complicating my nearly non-existent makeup routine is usually not an option, good creme/gel liners tend to be more expensive, and I've had one ancient experience with them, I've been slow to succumb. Luckily, drugstore cosmetics line Jane introduced the Be Pure Mineral Gel Eyeliner in 4 great shades - since I'm into everything non-black lately, I decided to go with the Dark Brown. Others include Navy, Black, and Wine.

Like the liquid eyeliners, this was so much easier to use than I thought it would be, and the color was a perfect dark brown (even though in the pot, it resembled toffee). The liner comes in a neat little screw-top glass pot with a lip brush, and the consistency is a soft, solid cream. While I didn't exactly enjoy applying this, the result was natural but well-defined. Worth getting used to, and refining, the application.

I have just a few issues with this product. First, during application, it was a little difficult to control the amount of liner the brush picked up. Second, I don't think the effect is all that different from the liquid eyeliners I recently adopted. Those are easier to apply and are pretty long-lasting as well.

That said, liquids tend to have a bit of a sheen and can make lashes wet if you goof up. The gel/cream formulas blend into the lash line more naturally, while liquid sits on top and is more difficult to blend in since it is wet. Also, these Jane pots definitely have more product in them than liquid liners (drugstore and high-end) usually do. Another option is the Wet 'n' Wild Mega Creme Eyeliners but Jane has received higher ratings on MUA.

Overall, I liked this liner and will try more colors! For people who are devoted to more expensive brands of gel/cream liners, this is a wonderful new option. $5.99 @ Drugstores


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