Milani Mineral Blush

I'm on a Milani kick. I recently spotted a row of pretty Milani blushes at CVS, but thinking I'd find them at another drugstore later, put off purchasing. Bad idea. I couldn't find them anywhere, and they no longer appear to be on the Milani website either.

However, Milani has introduced a line of mineral makeup which includes a Mineral Blush that comes in four shades. Of course, I have also not seen these anywhere else. Otherwise, I would have snatched one up and written about it sooner. The random Duane Reade in Penn Station that apparently gave birth to the line of Posh knockoff brushes from Apt. 5 also appears to have created this blush.

There were three of them sitting neatly in a Terra Cotta bronzer display. I just don't understand where they came from since that store doesn't have its own Milani display and there are no other Milani products there. My only options were Sweet Rose and Sunset Beach. Sweet Rose looked a little too cool for me, so I went with Sunset Beach.

Sunset Beach is basically a vibrant, burnt peach shade with hints of brown. No shimmer, no glitter, just a good old standard blush. I normally would never try such a color as this on my skin, but I've been feeling adventurous lately. Using this was a breeze due to the extremely lightweight, fine-milled consistency that gave a sheer finish.

I would say that most blushes are like confectioner's sugar in a pan, but this is more like ground up chalk (without a chalky finish though!). I lightly dusted it on and then actually layered some of my beloved CG Cheekers Blush in Golden Pink - what can I say, very nice! A little different and unexpected, but still very natural. I don't think this has much lasting power though, even when set with powder.

For the price, this is a pretty large pan of color that comes with a mirror and sponge in a separate compartment. I prefer this to the Glimmer Strips and Sunset Duo blushes because those shades are rather dull and predictable. Sunset Beach is a somewhat unique shade that I think suits me, and because I found it easy to work with, perhaps I'll give Sweet Rose a try as well. ~$4.00 @ god knows where but if you live in NYC, go to the Duane Reade located on the upper level of Penn Station near the NJ Transit!


Unknown said...

I'm on a Milani kick too..its so bad I've got my kids looking for certain colors when they run up to Target. Me, on cell phone: "Do they have it? Do they have it?" LOL!

Truckspotter said...

If I had an army of little ones, I probably would, too :)

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