Subtle Sable, Subtle Blush

I did not have the happiest weekend and so by the end of last night, I desperately needed four things: 1) a drink or two, or three, or four 2) cheesy Italian food 3) chocolate 4) makeup. Me and my sis pulled of the first two pretty successfully, but I still needed to take care of #3 and #4. At 11:15 pm, it was Duane Reade to the rescue.

I had settled on my favorite choco bar (Lindt Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts - 2nd runner-up is the Skor bar) before I was lured into the makeup aisle by an invisible makeup lurer. I thought I could keep off some calories by buying something to dust across my cheeks again.

So it came down to the Lindt bar and L'Oreal True Match Blush in Subtle Sable. I picked this up and put it back about 10 times. I'll even admit to opening the package, testing the color on my hand, and then tucking it in the abyss of the Wet 'n' Wild display so someone can retrieve it and put in the clearance bin later.

But I'm glad I did (of course - don't I always say that?). Subtle Sable is bright yet just dusty enough rose shade that's kind of similar to the effect I got from the CG Cheekers in Golden Pink-L'Oreal HiP Bronzer in Glowing combo I came up with (yes, I know I also have to try San's BeachBlush suggestion). True to the color names though, that combo is definitely much more bright and glowy.

Subtle Sable may be a tad bit more like San's recent Dolce Vita discovery from NARS, with a dash of NARS Taos and Orgasm thrown in, if that makes any sense. Fine, matte finish that is perfect for everyday. I would love to try the Sweet Ginger and Rosy Outlook shades, too.

Anna mentioned how L'Oreal HiP is great for brown girls, but I'm feeling that L'Oreal is overall pretty great in terms of color/shade selection for those with our skintones. I would have loved to try the HiP line's blushes, but they have been discontinued. Had I bought this blush, it would have been the 10th L'Oreal product I have had a good experience with (will have to make a list of those!). I would've willed it to.

In the end, the chocolate won because I could share it with my sister and it was about 3 bucks. I told my sister she should be proud of me for resisting the blush urge. According to her, I desperately need a hobby or a boyfriend. $10.95 @ Drugstore.com


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