On Solano Sapphire Collection Professional Straightening Iron

I have been using this straightener since high school/college. It was all the rage then (such things become rages when you live in Great Neck), and for good reason. It is the best straightener I have ever used, although I must say that I have not used many because this has been such a great tool. It was my first one and I have never felt the need to buy another. The 2 1/4-in plates are perfect for thicker, wavier/curlier hair and although it is a bit heavy, I feel that a good iron should be. Those thin, lightweight ones from the drugstore don't look like they can do much, and the newer, more expensive ones are overrated and overpriced. It has never fried my hair and creates a nice smooth, shiny finish, not that fried and dried look. Mine is about 5 years old and going strong. Definitely an investment you will not regret.


Trishita said...

I'm commenting for the sake of being the first guest to comment :P. Also, I love the Sedu Hair Iron...swear by it really...doesn't snag, doesn' t pull my hear, doesn't burn it...and I can do my ridiculously in need of a haircut hair in 7 minutes flat.

Great job ladies!

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