So, I'm probably leaving New York in less than a month. This, of course, inspires much panic in me - the die-hard New Yorker. To that effect, I had the following conversation with a friend:

Me: Oh my god, I have to leave New York soon - how am I going to fit in everything I haven't done yet??

Friend: You're leaving, not dying.

Me: Same difference.

Yup, definitely the same.


Jemi said...

Hey ladies..I found your blog through Anna's site and love all the make-up info for brown girls...keep up the good work:)

In regards to this post, I too will be moving out of the city(Philly for me) and moving back home(:/)...it's definitely gonna be a struggle and I feel for ya!

I feel the same need to do/see/eat as much as I can before I leave..good luck:)

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