Just Me Today...

Wow, Johan Jr. answered my prayers today and wore white loafers, a white belt, and a handbag-ish messenger bag. I was waiting for the day I could report that he had matching white accessories...if only he had been wearing the sunglasses too.

My melatonin levels have been sinking rapidly so that's about all I could focus on this morning. That, and the evils of U.S. agriculture while reading The Omnivore's Dilemma on the train - a true must-read. It is probably the most informative thing I have read in the last few few years. Clearly, of late the only informative literature I read has to do with product, but that's probably because everything else was boring me. Read it.

My sister asked me how I am affording my budget-conscious makeup purchases and I told her I make my own tea every morning. Then she bought me coffee. Right now, I need about 10 cups of both. I love how my day-to-day decisions revolve around makeup, food, and clothes lately. I'm trying to tell myself that after living in India for a year and subjecting myself to pre-med courses for another year and a half, I deserve it.

By the way, I read on An Indian's Makeup Blog! about a look using only Milani cosmetics. Sounds fun. Now I want to try every famous Milani product there is - I already have the Java Bean eyeshadow, but want to get the Rose Fetish lipstick and a couple of blushes. These are really cheap and I could probably afford to buy tea, too :)


Sania said...

You do deserve it, and you're charming for making your own tea. :)

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