MAC Eye Shadows To Pair With Expensive Pink

I'm still enjoying my MAC Eye Shadow in Expensive Pink, and am very happy to report that I've found a couple of other MAC shadows that go well with it. They are - Evening Aura and Bronze.

Bronze is actually very similar to the Milani Java Bean shadow I have, although a shade or two lighter, making it a true bronze instead of a coffee bronze. This blends into the skin to give a fine, sun-kissed shimmer without looking frosty or too dark. I had a MAC makeup artist blend it into my crease with Expensive Pink on the lid, and it looked surprisingly fresh and natural. While this is supposed to be a Frost finish, I didn't really find it to have too much of one. My Smashbox shadow in Cinnamon Toast is definitely frostier than this - Bronze has more shimmer and a lighter texture. Very glad I bought this - it's already getting a fair amount of use.

Evening Aura is also a part of the Neo-Sci Fi collection like Expensive Pink for no apparent reason since it is in the regular collection as well. This is very much like my Smashbox shadow in Shell, but that is more of a pink frost. Evening Aura is a very pale, peach/gold yellow that is a great highlighter for warmer skin tones like mine. I found that this looks much more natural than Shell and can be worn alone on the brow bone without looking at all naked. It's a Veluxe Pearl finish, also like Expensive Pink, and so has a small amount of shimmer.

I have to say, so far, I don't love the Veluxe Pearl finishes - they seem to work on my skin, but when I test them next to Smashbox shadows on my hand, their finish definitely isn't as fine as it could be. However, this can be forgiven since the results are still great. $14.50 @ MAC


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