The Skinny Update

Ok, so shoot me. Clearly I jump the gun when I talk about products I want to be into. This might sort of be the case with the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm I talked about yesterday. I'm still decently pleased with the results, but I thought I'd give a detailed update for all those considering using it, just so you don't stop taking my advice altogether if it doesn't work out for you.

I woke up this morning with huge hair. I know it's humid and rainy in NY, but I was still hoping the serum would prevent bushiness, however, I realize that's a lot to ask for 24 hrs after applying it.

There is still a lot of definition in my loose curls and waves, and top is still rather smooth and shiny. I'm glad that this stuff hasn't made my hair a crusty mess, and I'm tempted to use more next time (I needed about 4-5 squirts the first time around - that's a lot). Perhaps when my hair grows out a bit more, the extra weight will allow it to do a better job.

A few days ago, I had purchased the John Frieda Frizz-Ease DownPlay Volume Reducer, a serum meant to eliminate bushiness. I returned it when I find the Paul Mitchell serum, but I might want to reconsider and try that, too, either alone or in combination. I had initially waited too long to use the John Frieda and rubbed into drier than desirable hair instead of really damp hair, and the result was kind of sticky and gross, and my hair was clumping a bit. Sticky hair is the worst.

I know I should consider getting my hair thinned the next time I let someone take a scissor to it, but I'm somewhat ideologically opposed to the idea. Why get rid of it while I have it? Might as well enjoy a full head of hair before it goes bye-bye.

More later, since hair experimentation generally takes longer than makeup and skincare.


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