Longing for Longo

My first Vincent Longo lipsticks ever were Empire and Chika Mokita. That was during a time when all I did with my hard-earned pocket money from working at a local doctor's office was buy expensive lipstick and eyeliner once in a while, and dinner with my friends on Friday nights. Now, not so much. Clearly, I still indulge, but there are some things I'm avoiding, like these pricey, if worth it, babies.

I've mentioned several Longo items that I'm longing to buy on my Wish List. I can now add a new one - Gelli Gloss.

I know. Let's count how many times me and San have posted about L'Oreal HiP Jelly Balm. I'm sure the Gelli Gloss is basically the same thing, but, well, it is Vincent Longo so way more glam, and I like the spelling. Jelly and Gelli have got to be two different things, right? Right.

Sadly, this only comes in 2 shades - Aria (sheer apricot) and Vela (sheer pink). Not the best choices for my skin, but I'm sure these sheer shades are versatile enough - just not sure if they're worth the price tag. Oh well, a girl's gotta long. $15 @ Sephora.com


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