Rimmel Blush - Berry

Must find apartment. Must write about makeup to relieve stress. Must do so now.

Walgreen's is a miracle. For once, I must succumb to this suburban wonder now finding its way through NYC. They had some pretty fun things I stumbled upon yesterday. Oh, and yes...I went from potentially living a block away from a Sephora to potentially being around the corner from Walgreen's. Can't decide which one would have been better.

First up - I've been meaning to try some Rimmel products. Yes, my drugstore fetish will never end. It is just too convenient to resist. In particular, I'd wanted to try a blush from Rimmel since the packaging is so extremely light and compact. It's just a little, squarish plastic pan with a flip-top lid - no brush or anything. Even lighter than a NARS compact, although of course not as durable.

I got this blush in Berry and was suspicious - I thought it might turn out to be a flat, matte, dusky berry. Surprisingly, it wasn't! Berry was a a toned-down version of my CG Cheekers Blush in Golden Pink - the name is misleading because there are no hints of blue or purple in this (image above is much darker than actual color). It's more of a caramel/tawny rose/pink that gives a peachy effect similar to Golden Pink, but was far less pigmented and much easier to build and blend the color.

This was a dream to apply. Because the pigmentation is just right and the blush is very fine-milled, a couple of swipes was enough to give a naturally flushed look. Very lightweight and blendable, and absolutely no cakey effect. This doesn't have an ounce of shimmer or shine, but is sheer enough to let your skin shine through. Lasting power is also pretty decent - a touch up wouldn't hurt halfway through the day.

I actually like this so much that I want to try it another color, but I have a feeling I got the perfect one. Even after 1 day of use, I can tell I will be reaching for this more often than not. $3.29 @ Walgreen's


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