Milani Eye Shadow - Flare

Oh my goodness. It's been a while since I wanted to make out with a product, even though I've had some decent successes so far. But this eye shadow from Milani is something else. I saw it and just had to have it. Luckily, it was so cheap that I didn't even feel bad about it.

Flare is everything I thought MAC's Expensive Pink was going to be. Not that I'm not happy with Expensive Pink - I think it is still a gorgeous, must-have pink that is extremely versatile. While Expensive Pink is a true, light rose gold, Flare is a deep, coppery pink. It's very true to its name - like one of those hot pink/magenta flares or fireworks, but with a far amount of copper and slightly orange tones (image above doesn't at all do it justice). So pretty.

Even prettier when applied. Expensive Pink takes a few layers for the pink to actually show, and when it does, it's a very fleshy pink gold. Flare gives a deeper and less shimmery effect with just one, well-blended layer. This is a shimmery/pearly finish and so it is less reflective than Expensive Pink, which is a Veluxe Pearl and can look much more frosty. Flare blends in so easily due to a very soft, velvety texture much like my Smashbox and MAC shadows. It actually complemented Expensive Pink very well, and would also work with most bronze/brown shadows.

It's one of those colors that every South Asian bride who is going to wear pink or gold (and likes to wear jazzier makeup accordingly) should have. The finish allows it to be used in a number of different ways - I dabbed it lightly over some blush and it gave it a nice, shimmery glow that would be nice for evening.

I love this shadow, plain and simple. I will find ways to wear it because I love the idea of wearing such a fabulous pink.

Milani's eye shadows have often been compared to MAC's, and I wholeheartedly agree - they are of comparable quality, if not better. I found copy-cats of my MAC Bronze (Golden Bronze) and Smashbox Ambient (Sun Goddess) and almost wish I had tried them before purchasing the more expensive ones. $3.49 @ Walgreen's


An Indian's Makeup Blog said...

I love pink bronze too! You should try rust/copper from NYX. You might like them!

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