Milani Cyrstal Lip Gloss - Taboo

Ok, this find is not a part of my Milani kick. I discovered this great lip gloss last year and got so much use out of it - I can't believe it took me this long to share what a value this is.

The Crystal Lip Gloss is a chubby, pocket-sized tube gloss with one of those "doe-foot" wands (where do they come up with these names???). It's one those perfect, everyday glosses that has good color payoff and shine, is decently long-wearing for the price, is not too sticky or silky, and has just enough shimmer. This is meant to be some kind of ultra-shiny formula, but I don't really find it to be so.

I love the Taboo shade because it is one of those truly universally flattering neutral pink/brown colors that you can wear just about anywhere and that complements many a makeup "look." It helps tone down brighter colors as well and worn lightly, is a great nude.

I'm all about lip guck, but this is one of those products that is a staple and that I find myself reaching for more often than more expensive glosses and lipsticks. $1.99 @ Drugstores


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