Updates and Such

So I don't know what is up with me. Either I'm not in the mood for sharing or things are at SUCH a standstill that even makeup isn't cutting it anymore. Gasp - I take that back. Of course makeup can cut it. I just haven't tried anything interesting or new lately - all I have is a few updates, and yet another NARS product to lust after.

I decided I can no longer dedicate entire posts to one product I don't even have, no matter how much I'm craving it. Take the NARS Lola Lola eye shadow for instance. I tried it again the other day in the store and all of a sudden, that special magic didn't seem so special anymore. Thank god for a little discipline now and then. I would still like to have it, but am not craving it as much.

Yes, as my sister pointed out, I do crave makeup the way she craves food.

Next up - a NARS lipstick called Kiss. This is a classic, rosy bronze shade with a fair amount of shimmer and frost that is just right and not at all overwhelming. I usually don't appreciate anything frosty, but on occasion, it does achieve a certain something. I can pull it off in this shade because it is just dark enough.

Prestige liquid eyeliner in dark brown - in the garbagio. It got completely watery and was useless. This might be because I never actually had to use it (one sweep of the Wet 'n' Wild one in the same shade was enough for the day) for touch-ups, so it probably...fermented or something.

Mulling over my three Smashbox eye shadows - Cinnamon Toast, Ambient, and Shell. I do use Shell and Cinnamon Toast occasionally, and they are definitely good for dressier days/events. Have barely used Ambient. I'm starting to think this gold may be too orangey. I think overall maybe these were all too shimmery/frosty? Maybe I need something more along the lines of a pearl/satin finish to feel more comfortable wearing it? I know I'm young and could get away with more, for now I need to at least figure out how to play it safe before acing trickier looks. Am considering swapping these for products I know I'll love - mostly lip ones.

I'm considering just throwing myself at the mercy of the M.A.C counter (sorry, San) which I have previously already done with little to show for it. Maybe it's worth another try though. Sephora is very unwieldy lately - yesterday, Kat D Von was paying a special visit and I nearly got killed.


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