Jane Eye-Zing in Hazelnut - Blush Zing?

I've mentioned before how much I like this eyeshadow from Jane, but the truth is, I don't actually use it very often. Alas, this is the case with most of my makeup. Even though I've been working more with the blush lately, it's decidedly a much more delicate process in my opinion than applying anything else to the face. With the exception, of course, of eyeliner, which I've given up on altogether lately.

Poor great shadow with nowhere to go but the depths of my top drawer. I felt bad for it. So I retrieved little Hazel the other day to see how it would work with some of my other shadows.

Hazel was looking pinker and crisper in the pot than usual, when it dawned on me that perhaps it would make a good blush. Out came it my Eco-tools blush brush, and I went to work.

My hunch was correct. Hazel gave a a very subtle, slightly rosy/coppery sheen that was actually much more "sun-kissed" looking than any blush I've recently tried. I've previously described this shade as a bellini-like soft tan/peach/copper with very subtle shimmer.

Again, the effect was similar to one I tried to create with my also pitiful L'Oreal HiP bronzer and other blushes. This didn't actually look like either blush or bronzer, but my cheeks definitely had a different glow and some color to them in a way that I really, really liked - some interesting cross between what I always thought an Orgasm for darker skin SHOULD look like. Taos fits that bill as well, but it is definitely HIGHLY pigmented and very, very rosy. This would probably work even better on slightly lighter skin tones.

I'm sure there is a blush shade or formula out there that will match what Hazel did. I'll definitely be on the lookout, and maybe even take this to a store or two to compare. I have to say though, it was surprisingly easy to use a blush brush in this little shadow pot, so maybe I'll continue that method until I get over it.

$3.59 @ Walgreen's and other drugstores


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