Maybe It's Maybelline Mineral Lipcolor

Is there no end to the number of new mineral products that are introduced seemingly every week? Even drugstores have jumped on the bandwagon - Revlon, Maybelline, and L'Oreal have all introduced mineral or "natural" products to their lines. I'm not into these products at all, but recently the Maybelline Mineral Lipcolors caught my eye.

Okay - they mainly caught my eye because they were on sale, buy one get one 50% off. I also couldn't resist because the packaging was surprisingly simple - a dark purple plastic tube with clear cover. No interesting shape, bright colors, metal accents, labels, nada.

I got this in Raisin and Terracotta, two neutral, nude/brown/pink shades, and was again pleasantly surprised by a Maybelline product. My other favorite is the Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Plum Sable. Raisin and Terracotta are respectively, a slightly darker and lighter version of that shade (no surprise there since I buy all the same shades).

But these lipcolors are supposedly 100% mineral-based, and so the formula is much lighter, more sheer, and actually somewhat more moisturizing. There is something that feels only very slightly....grainy with these lipsticks, but that could just be me and my dry lips getting used to the formula. These two shades in particular are good for basic, everyday wear, especially if you wear heavier makeup elsewhere. If you're into bolder makeup, skip these, or try the many other shades. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them due to the formula.

Raisin is a tad too brownish/bluish for my pigmented lips - something peachier is more suitable for my lips, which is what Terracotta is. A deeper version of Terracotta would have been even better. As expected, neither is very long-lasting, but they do feel good on your lips!

Since my lips are always dry and sometimes, more pigment in a lip product only emphasizes the trouble, I'm going to keep Raisin and Terracotta, but definitely plan on trying other shades. I think this formula will keep me from looking like a drag queen no matter what shade I choose. Truly natural, and truly easy to wear. But overall, nothing too exciting. These did the job at a time when I couldn't find my other lipsticks, but I would've been just fine with my trusty Plum Sable if I'd just had it on me. $5.99 @ Drugstore.com


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